Welcome to the (new and improved*) GameHub blog.

We are GameHub and this is the GameHub blog. It’s the companion to our main site over at www.GameHubHQ.com, which if you haven’t checked out yet you really must, we are super proud of it and we hope you like it. We deal with video-games, but we don’t deal with video-games in the manner you might expect. We are not a fan site, we don’t do news or reviews, no “unboxings” or “Let’s Play.” We are a video-game advice service for parents.

Video-games are an integral part of the lives of most children and families, particularly with the rise of Minecraft, and the resources available to parents to understand this enormous, complicated world of interactive entertainment are just not good enough. We want to change that, by giving parents the information they need to be informed and empowered regarding interactive entertainment. Through our site at GameHub HQ and through this supporting blog, we aim to give parents reassurance and guidance so they can make the decisions that are right for their family.

We hope you like what we do here and we always, always welcome your feedback, so please get in touch through comments, email or social media. Ready, Player One? Then let’s get started…

*Actually New and actually Improved. Not like when they “new and improved” your favourite brand of crisps and now they are tasteless and with 25% fewer in each bag.