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Only You Know Your Child

GameHub was designed for parents, using information, ideas, feedback and suggestions from parents. I know we bang on about this a bit, but it’s something we’re really proud of. GameHub was built, not as a patronising, paternalistic overlord, telling you how to parent with numbers and rules, but as an aid and a guide to allow you to make the right decisions for your family. Every child is different. Every parent is different. Every family is different. We believe that nobody is better suited to parent a child than their parent (or guardian) because nobody knows your child better than you.

You know their fears, you know their ambitions, you know what they like, they love, they loathe. You’ve seen them change, you’re watching them mature. You know when they are ready for something a bit more challenging, or if they are more sensitive and find would find it scary. You know that anything with dinosaurs will go down a storm, but please leave the dolls at home, thank-you. You know they could use some extra support with maths, but it’d be better if they didn’t realise they were getting it!

We don’t know your child. We don’t pretend to. What we know is games. We love video-games, we eat, sleep and breathe them. And we recognise that games bring with them, due to their interactive element, a unique set of challenges for parents – the complicated technical terms, the concern about addiction, the cost of the equipment. We are here to support you and your family by giving you the information you need to make informed choices about what your children are playing. We do this one-to-one vis GameHub Concerige, and more generally via the GameHub database. If you need a non-frightening maths game with dinosaurs, we’ve got you covered. If you want to know how to guard yourself against unexpected credit card bills due to in-app purchases, we can help with that. Having a family feud over Grand Theft Auto – we sort these out all the time! Anything new related to video-games, we are there, for you, as a guide and a helper, with carefully researched facts and first-hand experience.

We play every game we feature. We research every statement we make. We take our own screenshots, we write our own entries. We test the claims of every press release, we look up every stat. You can count on us to give you reliable, accurate, easy to understand information, so you don’t need to be an expert at video-games, you just need to focus on doing what you are good at, being an expert on your own child.


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