The final game for the month of October is Assassins Creed Unity. Our guest poster loved playing this game, and after a run of family-friendly titles, it was time for something a bit more grown-up and challenging to round us off.  Assassins Creed is a major video-game franchise, with a large number of games. This one had a fairly chequered launch, with bugs a plenty, to the point where we were considering advising parents to hold off on purchasing it for your children – there is nothing worse than the disappointment and heart-ache of a gift that turns out to be broken. Thankfully, the developers worked to address some of the more serious glitches and Wes seemed to really enjoy completing the game for GameHub. Glad to end on a high!

As always, reports  on GameHub HQ relay only the content of the game, rather than our personal opinions. We do consumer reports, not personal reviews. So, if you want to know the dirty details of the assassination trade before you decide if the game is suitable for your children, click the icon below to access Wes’ final official GameHub HQ report for October:



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