On Monday the 23rd of November, I’ll be doing a presentation at VideoBrains. VideoBrains is a monthly seminar session held in London that attracts games developers from all over the country to exchange experiences, ideas, concepts and practices in the games industry. It’s always a fun and mind-expanding event, where video-game theory, design thinking, philosophy and psychology all mixed in with a healthy sprinkle of raconteuring. I’ll be sticking close to my specialism, talking to developers about ways to better explain their game content to parents and families in an accessible, non-technical way – there may be some group chanting of “I solemnly swear not to talk about hit-boxes.”  So, if any parents out there with any level of interest in video-games want to see on the other side of the curtain as we do our “dev-side” work, please feel free to come along and experience VideoBrains, one of the capital’s premier forums for games culture.

Tickets can be purchased here, and you can find out more general information about VideoBrains by following this link here at www.videobrains.co.uk.


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