Sometimes parents who come to us are embarrassed to ask for help, feeling like they should already know all the answers when it comes to games. This simply isn’t possible – no one person can know all the things there are to know about such a massive and varied topic as video-games; you wouldn’t expect a librarian to have read every book ever published?! The way that even people who know a lot about games find out new information is by sharing ideas and asking questions. Today, we are going to look at a question Jordan Erica Webber asked the games community on Twitter for help with.

Jordan Erica Webber, any way you want to cut it, is an expert on video-games. A full-time professional games journalist primarily with The Guardian, she has appeared on Woman’s Hour and is a co-host of the Not A Game Podcast, as well as writing for The Observer, PC Gamer Magazine, Kotaku, Vice, IGN and Games TM. So there is no disputing she really knows her stuff when it comes to games. (And socks, but that’s a different story.)

But she still taps the knowledge of the games community when she wants to learn about something new.

And she got so many great replies!

We are going to add our own at the bottom, but first lets take a run through people’s suggestions:

[See here for GameHub Report: Bastion]

[See here for GameHub Report: Dragon Age Inquisition]

So (and I’m going to get a bit serious here, so hang on to your hats) if you are feeling embarrassed about needing help with games, please don’t. Try to think of it in the context of asking for a book recommendation, rather than needing teaching in how to use the telly – it’s a media choice rather than a technical skill, and even people who live and breathe this industry will ask for an outside perspective. There is nothing to be ashamed of or defensive about. Nobody (other than perhaps your own children) expects you to know everything, so feel empowered by taking on advice rather than diminished by it.

Ok, that was very intense and unBritish (but worth remembering, even if it made you feel a bit cringey!) so let’s get back to the games. What else, if anything, can we add to the brilliant suggestions Jordan received?

Got a question for the GameHub Concierge? Contact us.


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