It’s Christmas and we wanted to have a bit of fun, so I [The Boss] have written up a GameHub report for one of my personal favourite games, Saints Row IV. It’s a fabulous romp; very silly, a bit rude and about as eccentric as a game can get. It’s perhaps showing its age a little bit now but the writing and voice-acting still make me smile. It’s a lovely familiar game to relax with when I’m stuck in a rut on the game I’m meant to be writing a report for.

GameHub reports are intended as reliable consumer advice for busy parents. ┬áHence, we try to provide as wide and varied a range of titles as possible, including educational games and titles for under-fives. It was nice to take a bit of fun Christmas time to analyse one of my go-to games under the stringent microscope of the GameHub reporting procedure, which aims to be impartial and exhaustively detailed rather than simply a mouthpiece for the staff member’s personal opinions.

It was also an important reminder that a game that suits one player will be completely unpalatable to another – and that the best way to avoid making expensive mistakes to learn a little bit about the content before you hand over your cash. The smutty jokes and sing-along sections in Saints Row IV undoubtedly won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I can’t resist a game that lets me jump over buildings and blow up spaceships with a weaponised boom-box – I’m a simple soul.

Click the link below for our official GameHub entry for Saints Row IV:

Saints Row IV

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