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Merry Christmas From GameHub! – and a note on the #Steampocalyse

A very Merry Christmas from everyone here at GameHub!

We wish all our users a peaceful and joyous family Christmas, whether your children are young or old. Remember that people around the world are unwrapping new games and consoles today, so online services such as Xbox Live, Steam and Playstation Network will be running very slowly under the weight of millions of new users. If things aren’t working out, leave it alone for a few hours and come back when the servers are less busy.

UPDATE: We have confirmed reports that something has gone really badly wrong with the PC game management system and online store Steam. Users are encouraged to not use the service at all until the engineers at Valve have got to the route of the issue. Though you may be nervous for your credit card security, credible sources believe the system has not been hacked, but is suffering from a technical problem related to account profiles. It’s Christmas folks! Something always goes wrong on Christmas!


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