“Sorry Mother, I can’t come to dinner right now, my accounting and management skills are triplifying exponentially!”

Don’t answer ba-wait, pardon?! It’s hard not to be jaw-on-the-floor surprised when your seven-year old comes out with phrases like “cognitive development”  (Top Tip to reassert your smugness, challenge them to spell it.)


it’s absolutely true. 

You can have more screen-time if you can spell that smart-arse word you just used.
You can have more screen-time if you can spell that smart-arse word you just used.

Games are a fantastic way to train all sorts of important and useful skills, from creativity to team-building, business management, faster reaction times, logic and verbal reasoning, problem-solving and more. A game does not necessarily need to be billed as an “educational” or “edutainment” game in order to have loads of positive benefits. There are too many to keep in one sub-section alone, which is why, for the sake of sanity, we divide educational benefits from creative expression, and list opportunities where players can develop their moral and philosophical ideas in a different tab from instances where they can play with others to develop their social skills. Not every game develops every skill, and if one did, it’d be an overwhelming amount of information all crammed on one page!

This light-hearted post by The Girl Who Games, a 20-something UK blogger who specialises in iPad games provides us with a fun reminder of all the benefits games can provide. She’s also an expert on The Sims Freeplay, a game I have been trying, and failing, to put on http://www.GameHubHQ.com for a while now (it’s so big!) If you guys would like to see this game on GameHub, let me know in the comments box below and maybe I’ll reach out to Charlotte to see if she would be interested in doing a guest entry with us! Wes did a fantastic set of five for us in 2015 and it’s something I’d like us to do again at least a couple of times in this shiny new year of 2016.

Source: The Girl Who Games


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