Buzzfeed ran a quiz. And, to be honest, it wasn’t too bad. Though clearly written for kicks, it isn’t as straight-up nasty as I feared it might be. “Parents don’t know what these complicated, highly specialised acronyms mean, ha ha ha” is not a great premise for an article, but they do make an effort to explain the words, which is appreciated, and the eye-rolling is kept to a minimum. I just feel a bit unsure about how helpful this kind of content is. Mere information is not enough – now you know, but you were made to feel stupid in the process. Empowerment, feeling good about your new-found knowledge, should also be part of it, and that feels pretty lacking here. So, ho-hum. Could be better, could be worse.

We asked our parents to guess what these gaming terms mean
I score this Buzzfeed quiz a 6/10. Could be less patronising, but could also be a lot worse.

Words Worth Knowing, our Monday gaming term explanation column, will return in February 2016 after taking a New Year’s rest. So if you don’t know your AFK from your DLC, stay tuned.


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