We love Lara Croft. I, the person sat behind this keyboard, speaking to you now via the awesome power of the internet, particularly love Lara Croft. We work really hard to try to only bring you the facts about a game, without editorial commentary. It’s a commonly used phrase around the office that We Write Reports, Not Reviews. It shouldn’t matter a damn whether we love a game or hate it, our role is to bring you the content report so you can decide for yourself and your family whether it’s right for you. We play the games, so you don’t have to. That said, it is particularly enjoyable to play a great game and share it with you all, and Lara Croft Go certainly seems to be both popular and well-received by critics. Like one of the very first games we ever covered, Hitman Go, it’s a reworking of a popular but more violent game franchise into a less visceral, more puzzle focussed adaptation. Lara Croft Go was Apple’s Game of the Year in 2015, so we thought it would be a great 3rd game to kick off 2016.

Click the icon below to access the GameHub HQ report for Lara Croft Go:



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