A topic that comes up a great deal when we are out and about talking to Mums and Dads (and teachers and social workers and Guide troop leaders and Scout Masters and Aunties and Uncles and Grandparents and the bloke who nosily asked what I was reading on the bus last Thursday and got a 20 minute long explanation) is about the representation of women in games. There is an acknowledged lack of female protagonists in games, much as there is in films and TV shows, but this has definitely been turning around in recent years. Lara Croft, Chell from the Portal games and Faith from Mirrors Edge (we are eagerly anticipating Mirrors Edge Catalyst, rumoured to be released later this year) are just a few examples from a rapidly growing list of female player-characters. And of course, in games such as The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, Dragon Age Inquisition and Saints Row IV, the player can make their own character and choose to be a woman as a result.

Remember Me is a futuristic fighting game from Japanese games creation studio CAPCOM. The player takes on the role of Nilin, a resistance fighter and “Memory Hunter” who wakes up with amnesia in a really rather horrible prison in Neo-Pairs. Guided by an unseen voice, she escapes the prison and goes on a personal mission to recover her memories, and those of others, from the evil techno-corporation which has stolen them. Nilin’s character completely divided critics, with Edge Magazine calling her “a powerhouse of a protagonist, instantly likable and remaining self-aware throughout. She’s a beguiling mix of strength and sensitivity, sarcasm and fire, external certainty and internal conflict, despite a few cheesy lines and missteps,” whilst Videogamer.com took completely the opposite approach, arguing she was a “step back for females in games, as while deemed capable enough of fighting against France’s underbelly, Nilin does so in a narrative that is apparently beyond her intellectual capability; even though she’s shown to be more than smart enough to work it all out.”

Based on the content of the game, we rate Remember Me as having very a strong representation of female characters, with a number of women in prominent roles, including as a CEO,  a Bounty Hunter and a TV Presenter. The player-character of Nilin is self-reliant and capable, questioning authorities she does not agree with but taking responsibility for instances where she believes she has made the wrong choice. She is admired and respected by other characters and never uses sexuality to achieve her goals. Even when trapped in an arena with an enemy character, she does not beg the baying crowd for help but faces him with combat ability and personal conviction. We found Nilin to be a strong female character. To find out more about Nilin and her game, click the icon below.

Remember Me
Remember Me

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