Just a reminder, in case you missed it first time around, that I did a talk at VideoBrains. VideoBrains is a London collective looking to facilitate meaningful intellectual conversations about what games are and what games can be. Usually we talk to parents rather than games creators, so this was an usual and exciting opportunity. I was very honoured to be accepted to speak…and then very frightened about being accepted to speak! The other talks on the night were extremely good, which made me far more intimidated than I thought I would get! Those nerves and fears were half-realised when I dropped my carefully constructed notes onto the floor and thus lost my structure pretty much completely, but hopefully I pulled it back slightly. You can be the judge. ┬áKeen eyed viewers will enjoy my trembling hands and beetroot face. Personally, I’m just pleased my hair looked ok.

Check it out on Youtube here:

In true GameHub fashion, I should advise you that there is a little swearing and bad language. There were no children present. It was 10pm in a bar!

And also check out a couple of the other talks from the night, which were incredibly good:

And these wonderful anecdotal talks:

There was also a rather superb piece of stand-up comedy film criticism as an added bonus:

VideoBrains is a great event and it takes place monthly in London. Why not go – I’m sure you would be made extremely welcome! Or alternatively, if you are just interested, why not watch more talks on their YouTube channel, where all the videos above came from. For 15-20 mins of your time and a huge variety of topics, you are sure to find something that piques your curiosity!


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