A family of three kids aged 8, 10 and 12 are in the market for their first games console. Looking to keep within a sensible budget, they are torn between the Playstation and Xbox as to which will have more general family appeal. GameHub Concierge tries to give some guidance on what to consider for this important purchase:

ameHub Concierge: 

First things first, as I have a feeling this information is going to be important to at least one of the kids: Minecraft comes in both Xbox and Playstation versions, so that won’t be a deciding factor! Given the information supplied, I would be inclined to lean slightly towards an Xbox One over the Playstation 4. The Xbox, with Microsoft’s multiplatform clout behind it, has a slightly wider variety of game types than the Playstation, which means that if the children have different interests, they will all be able to find something that suits them personally from brands and franchises they recognise, from Angry Birds to  Assassins Creed. If gaming was a primary hobby, I would veer more towards the Playstation, as their range of games from independent development studios (indies) is very strong and would provide varied and interesting challenges to a hobbyist gamer. However, it sounds like the interest is more in a reliable, easy to operate family entertainment box with options for playing together and/or apart, rather than a dedicated gaming powerhouse. The “Just Dance” dance titles might prove popular with the youngest and are always a hit at parties, and if they all want to play together, a cooperative puzzler like Lara Croft And The Temple of Osiris would while away a rainy afternoon. For a bit of cheerful mayhem suitable for all ages, a LEGO franchise game is fun for everyone to give a go, -Mum included- such as LEGO Batman 3; or what about the silly gardening game Plants vs Zombies. If the elder son is starting to show an interest in sports titles, Madden NFL25 would hit the spot. And for any teenager, unwinding with a bit of bad dude blasting in HALO is a relaxing social ritual to share with friends. I think that an Xbox One, with the big franchises likely to be familiar to the children and their friends, would fit the bill for a general family entertainment box to span different ages and interests.

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