It’s 7 days until Norwich Gaming Festival.  We are pretty excited.


Once again, we will be making the epic nine hour bus journey across the country to Norwich, where we will be in residence all week supporting the main show. We are there to answer YOUR questions on video-games. No question too big or too small, too simple or complex. Any time, any topic, anything! Whether you want to sit down and discuss a problem, or just want to drop an anonymous query in the question box, we’ve got a whole section to ourselves on the expo floor. The space is buggy-friendly and has nice comfy chairs, so parents, guardians, teachers, aunties, uncles and grannies and granddads and everyone in between,  come along and say hello!

Norwich Gaming Festival is one of our favourite events in the UK gaming calendar. A deliberately “family-friendly” games festival, there’s a great mixture of local, national and international games talent on display. From playable demos to the Retro showcase, to workshops and career advice, to cake-baking competitions and the famous GFest Quiz, there really is something for everyone! We are proud to be a part of Norwich Games Festival and support its aims of a friendly, inclusive gaming environment for all. We hope to see you and your family there!

norwich forum Gfest building
Come along to The Forum in Norwich.



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