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Live From Opto VR Launch!

Not content with a full week’s residency at our favourite event in the UK gaming event calendar, Norwich Games Festival, we are on the road once again! Or rather, in the rails! We’ve hopped on a train and zipped our way down to London this evening to attend the launch party of the brand new VR headset we’ve been talking about quite a bit recently, Opto! 

Children have cluttered bedrooms, designers have cluttered workshops! Look at all those prototypes!

First, a reminder about what VR actually is. For many people, VR is considered the newest forefront in entertainment. Vaguely termed “Virtual Reality,” what it means in more concrete and specific terms is a device you wear close to your face for an immediate and immersive experience. This works particularly well for games, and, excitingly, should open up the First Person Perspective genre to more activities than just primarily shooting. Imagine a game about being a medic in a World War, in First Person virtual reality, or flying an aeroplane or skiing down a mountain!

Designed in the UK, Opto is designed to work with any smartphone, so both Andoid devices and your iPhone running iOS! It’s made out of a light-weight foam, which has a number of useful advantages. Firstly, it’s light and easy to wear – no stiff neck syndrome anticipated here! It’s easy to clean and very portable – you can just stick it in your bag and take it with you, perhaps over to friend’s house to play or work on projects. The foam makes it durable enough to carry around, and also protects your mobile device if you get too exuberant and somehow fling it off your head! (Although the secure straps make that quite unlikely, it’s always reassuring when young children are around.) And finally, it has integrated headphones, making it ideal for gaming, with all the music and sound effects. Educational games could be a really amazing experience in VR – exploring the Amazon, being a gladiator fighting in the Colosseum or diving the Great Barrier Reef – history and geography lessons in particular will never be the same again!

Clever construction keeps it light and portable.
Opto launched on Kickstarter this evening – we were there when they pressed the big red launch button! To learn more about it, watch the product video or even purchase/donate, click the image below, or click HERE


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