I was asked a question today that I thought would be worth answering more publicly, because it was a good one and because I thought it’d give an insight into how we work. It was this:

There are so many games out there! How do you decide which ones to cover on GameHub?

The short answer is: in an ideal world, all of them! We are looking into systems that would allow us to do just that, but at this point such an option is several years away yet. The slightly longer answer is that there is no hard and fast set of rules. Multiple factors apply, including:

  • Have we been specifically asked to cover the game by a parent? – We are always open to requests.
  • Is the game easy to categorize from a quick glance? – We tend not to cover an over-abundance of ¬†things like LEGO Games, for example, as they are clearly for children, and the majority of parents do not report having any issues with the content when they have purchased them for their children. We do one or two every now and again, to keep current, but it’s not worth our while to do every single one, because parents tend to know and trust the brand.
  • Have we been specifically asked to cover the game by a teacher? – Some teachers report certain games that have become popular in their school, for one reason or another.
  • Is it a popular brand that parents want to know more about? – Minecraft, anything with Lara Croft in it, Skylanders and similar “big brand” titles are games parents want to understand.
  • Is it “hot” right now? – Rocket League and Monument Valley being prime examples.
  • Is it a small studio that offers something parents tell us they are looking for? – Educational games, particularly for pre-school maths and language skills, are the kind of games parents report they are actively seeking to buy.
  • Does it offer something exciting and unusual? – A weird new idea that might capture peoples’ imaginations? We are interested!

So as you can see, there are no hard and fast rules about which games go to the top of the review queue and which languish in the To-Do list. If there is a game you want to see on GameHub HQ, the best way you can boost it up the list it to get in contact and request it. The request bar is on the front page of http://www.GameHubHQ.com. If you need specific info right now, drop us an email and we’ll do some digging for you!


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