It’s a lovely sunny day here at GameHub HQ, and I’m in the mood for a delicious bowl of fresh fruit to enjoy outside at the park during lunch break. As someone who normally subsists off a diet entirely of cheese and chocolate, this new-found health kick is an alarming one. What could possibly have prompted it? Well, possibly playing Fruit Ninja.

Fruit Ninja is a madcap mobile game about slashing up sweet, sweet produce. You can read all about it by following this link HERE. It’s very much a child-friendly game in content, and may inspire your kids to take a renewed interest in healthy eating. Or swords. Sometimes their minds work in strange ways, let’s be honest. Perhaps use this as an opportunity to remind your dearest ones about the importance of taking care around knives..?

For more Fruit Ninja themed entertainment, why not check out the videos below, carefully gathered from across the vastness of the internet and bought, with love and strawberries, to you:

Adam Savage Slices Airborne Fruit With a Sword in Slow Motion on ‘MythBusters’ Like in the Video Game ‘Fruit Ninja’

Real Life Fruit Ninja Chops Over 140 Lemons With a Sharp Knife in a Little Over a Minute

Two Real Life Fruit Ninjas Compete as They Slice Through Flying Fruits in Slow Motion

And a final reminder, if you want to learn more about Fruit Ninja and it’s suitability for your family, you can read all about it in our content report by clicking HERE or on the icon below. Happy slicing!

Fruit Ninja Free


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