“Everyone got on,” Andy Robson, who ran Lionhead testing, recalls. “It was a great atmosphere. It was like a family.”

Got a long commute home and forgot your book? Why not save this phenomenal long-read about the rise and fall (and rise, and fall) of the iconic, some might argue flagship UK game studio, Lionhead. Founded by the divisive Peter Molyneux, the company produced critically acclaimed games in a distinctly British style, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Wesley Yin-Poole’s¬†fascinating article at times makes for seriously uneasy reading, from the laddish work environment to the terrifying management style, yet also keeps a human face on the struggle to keep the company afloat and true to it’s values.

“…we were the first ever game that had gay marriage, we were about breaking down walls. It was meant to be funny and mature.”

Lionhead: The Inside Story, pulls no punches and cuts no corners as it dives into the history of the UK’s most famed studio, charting it’s journey, from inception to inglorious shuttering in April of this year. The piece will take up a good chunk of your time, but by gosh is it worth it.

“It was also one of the most creative studios UK game development has ever seen – for good and for bad.”

Click HERE or the image below to read:



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