Every once in a while, a game will particularly stick with the reporter assigned to it. Shadow of Mordor did just that. Any game that involves using terrorism tactics to brain-wash Orcs into kamikaze slaves is pretty much guaranteed to make a GameHub writer sit up and take notice. It’s really not very suitable for younger players!

But I love it. I enjoy playing it, and I’m able to overlook the parts that I’m less keen on in order to enjoy the fighting action sequences that get my heart racing. For many players, there is rarely such a thing as The Perfect Game  – we tend to cherry-pick from a number of games according to our needs. Shadow of Mordor is my current go-to game for letting off steam and busting stress. If I wanted something more challenging or with a story I could really get my teeth into, I’d pick something else, but if I’m in a bad mood and want to murder things with a flaming sword, Shadow of Mordor is the one I’m going to pick up off the shelf.




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