Supposing you listened to the One Life Left radio show and podcast, where we were Special Guest a few weeks ago, you would have heard me talking about a really rather excellent game called King Rabbit. Now, for GameHub, we play all manner of games, including certain genres which I personally don’t particularly like, so its always exciting when a game comes up which is just My Kind Of Thing. I loved playing this game – it’s cute, it’s quirky, it’s full of puzzles and secret areas to find, and it’s divided into really short and snappy levels so you can just keep diving in and out as you please. It was a pleasure to write a GameHub report for this game, but, as ever, we don’t let our personal opinions sway the quality of our work – we write content reports, not reviews or opinion pieces. I loved the game, and you might love it too, but only if you decide it’s right for your family. A child with a real sensitivity towards depictions of animal deaths, for example, will not get on with this game, whereas an avid puzzle solver will probably be in their element! We give you the facts so you can decide what’s right for your kids. It’s what we are here to do!

Click the icon below to access the GameHub HQ report for King Rabbit:



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