Exciting news! GameHub is through to Round Two of judging of the prestigious MassChallenge UK accelerator program! We are currently on our way down to London for an information evening and workshop, before pitching live to panel of judges on August 1st!

MassChallenge UK is a non-profit program of mentorship, sponsorship, networking and support designed to help “high impact” start-ups achieve sucess. GameHub is a therefore a perfect fit (we think) for MassChallenge UK, as our aim is to completely revitalise Britain’s Parental Advisory and Age Ratings systems for video-games. Our project is designed to change the landscape of the UK games industry, to create a support network for parents and to educate all members of the public with reliable, accessible information regarding games and games culture.

MassChallenge UK is “industry agnostic,” meaning that they will accept project ideas from any sector – the only assessment criteria is how much potential the project has to create change. If we make it through to the final stages, we will get our very own offices (with Ping Pong tables!!) in central London and multiple opportunities to compete for cash prizes to invest in makingGameHub bigger, better and more in line with your needs as a parent. This “competition style” of program suits GameHubdown to the ground – we play games for a living…and we like to win! ;D

So wish us luck!


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