Games can be set anywhere, and can be about any topic. A game can be set on a remote Scottish island, or in a spaceship, on a flying zepplin zoo, or in a giant virtual reality simulation of a virtual reality simulation of a virtua-it’s a complicated  game, ok? This game, We Happy Few, currently in production, is set in a freaky version of 1960s England, where all is not as it seems…


The game was a hit at E3, where many reporters were drawn to it by its striking visuals and some notable similarities to other titles, such as the BioShock series and British gameSir, You Are Being Hunted, in gameplay, themes and visuals. The BBC reported on the game with a video feature speaking to the members of the creative team, who are from Canada. Its a worthwhile watch for both those who and who are not interested in games, as it provides a comprehensive little view behind the curtain as to some of the thoughts and ideas that go into creating a conceptually innovative game. Give it a go and see the level of thought and research that goes into creating a game of this type, even if the end result isn’t necessarily to your taste. As for us, we are quite excited about exploring this freaky village, and hopefully saving the day, so we’ll keep an eye out for when the game launches. Until then, try out the BBC report. It may surprise you.


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