One of the most challenging aspects of video-games culture for a newcomer, especially for a busy parent, is trying to learn and understand the many, many acronyms and specialised terms. GameHub HQ entries are jargon-free, so you can get the information you need as easily and painlessly as possible, but there are still some words worth knowing. Every Monday, we break down one Word Worth Knowing from the world of gaming.

What is a Table-Top Game what do you need to know and why do you need to care?

What It Is: Table-Top = Board Games

What It Means: Table-Top gaming simply refers to board or card games played on a flat surface in the real world, as opposed to video-games/computer games played by looking at a screen. In the modern world, however, the lines are often blurred, with some table-top games having digital elements added to them.

Why You Care:┬áTable-Top gaming shares some similarities with video-gaming. People who enjoy one form of gaming may enjoy the other, or alternatively may have no interest whatsoever! The two should be treated as separate hobbies, rather than as a comparison of old vs new, physical vs digital, social vs anti-social etc, as all games are different and no hard and a fast rule can be applies to all. Table-top gaming is an alive and thriving sector of the overall gaming market, with dedicated and enthusiastic players, it’s own culture, cliques, cliches and communities, just like video-gaming, or indeed any hobby.


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