When learning is fun it doesn’t feel like learning, which is precisely why video-games and apps can be such great tools to help children. They think they’re just playing, while you know that they’re actually brushing up on their numeracy skills or improving their use of language. It’s a win for everyone! But with so many apps and games available it’s hard to know which ones are worth using. As part of our #GameSmart campaign, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite educational games for pre-schoolers and beyond.

Wee Puzzles

  • Who’s it for: Children 5 and under
  • What does it do? As the name suggests, it’s a puzzle game.
  • What’s so good about it? This game is perfect for teaching little ones shape recognition and it also develops hand-to-eye coordination. There are 50 puzzles to play with, all with child-friendly themes, such as dinosaurs, farm animals and trains. Perhaps best of all, it’s also totally intuitive. Players simply drag and drop the puzzle pieces to complete the picture, and are rewarded with a cute animation when they finish each board. It’s a great app to have loaded to your phone to keep small children amused while you’re out and about.
  • Cost: $2.99, with no in-app purchases.
  • Find out more with our parental report:http://www.gamehubhq.com/slug/wee-puzzles/basic
  • PS: We are running a great competition for you to win this game for your family! Just retweet to win via Twitter!

Quick Math Jr

  • Who’s it for? Ages 3 to 7
  • What does it do? Quick Math Jr is great for any little ones who could do with improving their maths skills.
  • What’s so good about it? Essentially a collection of counting and number games, the app injects some fun into arithmetic with colourful monsters who follow along with the action as the game is played. These crazy characters can also be customised by the player, and new facial features can be unlocked by progressing through the game. Best of all, there is a protected section of the app which allows parents to actually track their children’s progress. It’s cute, quirky, math-y fun!
  • Cost: Free download, offers in app purchases.
  • Find out more, read our report here: http://www.gamehubhq.com/slug/quick-math-jr/basic

Toca Nature

  • Who’s it for: Ages 4 and up
  • What does it do? It encourages creativity and free-form play by allowing children to create their own forest.
  • What’s so good about it? There are no limitations with this game. Players roam around their very own forest where they can build and change the landscape, feed the animals or simply observe what’s unfolding. There are no specific tasks to complete, leaving young players to enjoy the game as they direct play themselves which encourages free-form expressive play. There is a section for parents, which gives suggestions for questions you can ask your children as they play, adding to the learning experience.
  • Cost: £2.49, no in app purchases.
  • Find out more, read our report here:  http://www.gamehubhq.com/slug/toca-nature/basic


  • Who’s it for? Ages 8 and up
  • What does it do? Teaches literacy skills, rewards players with adorable bears to collect.
  • What’s so good about it? Think of Alphabear as a jazzed up version of scrabble, with the added bonus of fun little bears! The aim of the game is to construct the longest words possible from the letters on the board. When a letter tile is removed, it is replaced by a bear. As more letter tiles are removed, the bears get bigger and are worth more points. When a player scores enough points they receive a bear to keep, which makes Alphabear a great choice for children who respond well to rewards. They’re improving their vocabulary, and will want to keep on playing to collect more bears.
  • Cost: Free, but does offer in-app purchases.
  • To find out more read our parental report: http://www.gamehubhq.com/slug/alphabear/basic

Puzzle Bonsai

  • Who’s it for? Ages 10 and up
  • What does it do? An edutainment puzzle game that tests numerical and linguistic skills.
  • What’s so good about it? This game will really give kids a mental workout. Players are set the challenge of balancing equations of numbers, letters and shapes which must be solved to progress – as you might expect each round becomes increasingly difficult.  And if that sounds tricky it is, the game actually helps the player practice concepts in logic and numerical and linguistic reasoning at the level similar to an 11+ exam. That said, many players find that it’s a soothing game to play thanks to the graphics and chilled music.
  • Cost: It’s £0.79p to download.
  • Read our parental report to find out more: http://vwww.gamehubhq.com/slug/puzzle-bonsai/basic



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