We see a lot of iterations on the classic game of Snake pass through the GameHub offices and we are pretty OK with that, because Snake is a good title for families. It’s familiar to gamers of all ages, and this gives it a “pick up and play” appeal to a wide range of people, from both die-hard gamers to cautious casual players to complete first-timers. And Slither.io is a Snake game with a really quite innovative twist.  Its what’s properly known as a MMO, a Massively Multiplayer Online [Game,] meaning that you don’t just play against the computer, or against yourself, but against thousands of other people, online, from around the world, all at the same time!  The screen quickly gets hectic as players duck, dive and weave around one another, but, as with almost all multiplayer games, there are some social aspects of the game which parents may wish to make themselves aware of.

Click the icon below to read our parental content report for Slither.io:



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