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New Developments For 2017

We have a number of planned changes and updates to GameHub for the New Year, but we need your feedback in order to decide what to implement and when! GameHub has always been built in response to parents’ needs, wants and concerns – your input drives everything we do. So please, if there is anything not in the list below that you’d like to see added, drop us a line in the comments box and let us know!

New developments for 2017:

  • We are going to move all blog content on to the main site at, creating a true “hub” of parental guidance for games.
  • After some testing, we are going to make visual improvements and tweaks to the landing screen, as it can appear faint on screens where there is “low contrast” (the colours are not as bright and distinct as they could be.)
  • Our “Word of the Week,” jargon busting column, is ending, and will be replaced by a new regular feature in February. We think we’ve taught you all the mad words of gaming you need!
  • Funding drive, to keep GameHub alive the way you want it!

And, of course, we will be attending all our regular national level events, including the Norwich Games Festival, Yorkshire Games Festival, GameCity Festival, Eurogamer Expo and the Women In Games Conference! Look out for our representative and always feel welcome to ask questions about the work that we do.



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