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Spotted In The News: Investment For Team 17

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The BBC Reports on This Creepy 1960s Title

Games can be set anywhere, and can be about any topic. A game can be set on a remote Scottish island, or in a spaceship, on a flying zepplin zoo, or in a giant virtual reality simulation of a virtual reality simulation of a virtua-it’s a complicated  game, ok? This game, We Happy Few, currently in production, is set in a freaky version of 1960s England, where all is not as it seems…


The game was a hit at E3, where many reporters were drawn to it by its striking visuals and some notable similarities to other titles, such as the BioShock series and British gameSir, You Are Being Hunted, in gameplay, themes and visuals. The BBC reported on the game with a video feature speaking to the members of the creative team, who are from Canada. Its a worthwhile watch for both those who and who are not interested in games, as it provides a comprehensive little view behind the curtain as to some of the thoughts and ideas that go into creating a conceptually innovative game. Give it a go and see the level of thought and research that goes into creating a game of this type, even if the end result isn’t necessarily to your taste. As for us, we are quite excited about exploring this freaky village, and hopefully saving the day, so we’ll keep an eye out for when the game launches. Until then, try out the BBC report. It may surprise you.

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Video-Games On The Silver Screen

Back in 1993, the first games movie tie-in hit the big screen in the form of Super Mario Bros the movie. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of only 15% fresh, the film was a critical disaster, yet took in a highly respectable $20,915,465 in revenue at the Box Office. Since then, an ever-growing array of games franchises have tried to make the transition to the silver screen, including Doom, HitmanMax Payne, Resident Evil and Lara Croft:Tomb Raider. Of all games films to date, only the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie ever managed to break through the 50% negative/positive review marker on Metacritic, but still received a desultory 33% fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Yet poor critical reception does little to dampen gamers’ appetite for games as movies; estimates indicate the this year’s Warcraft film has grossed in excess of a staggering $413,392,945 so far, and that number is likely to keep on growing. And Warcraft isn’t the only game movie coming out this year; Angry Birds (released in May) raked in over $300million and an Assassins Creed movie tie-in is on the slate for Christmas. A Minecraft film, it’s popularity making it almost an inevitability, is due in 2019.

Mortal Kombat received a mixture of negative and middling reviews.

Particularly of interest to families will be the news of the newly announced Fruit Ninja movie. The official release date is still unknown and concrete details are thin on the ground, but the film is rumoured to be a live-action comedy suitable for all the family, perhaps telling the origin story of how the fruit-destroying fiends came to be? Only time will tell. Fruit Ninja is currently the second most popular game available on the iOS Apple App Store, surpassed in downloads only by Candy Crush, so the movie is sure to have a large and enthusiastic audience, regardless possibly of its eventual…erm…quality.

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Genius Lady-Gamer Uses Lipstick To Play Counter-Strike

This is genius. No, really. Superb multi-tasker Chloe Desmoineaux has adapted a tube of lipstick to enable her to play the online multiplayer game Counter-Strike. Using Makey-Makey, an electronics experimentation kit we often see adventurous teachers using in schools, Desmoineaux plays the entire game simply by applying make-up, with the contact between skin and stick completing the low voltage circuit. You can watch her using her brilliant creation in action every week until June on Twitch, and maybe it’ll inspire your family to try a project of your own!


We’ve also found this awesome video of a family using carrots to play Super Mario Bros!


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Short On Shoes? Here’s one for your Pinterest boards.

It’s Friday afternoon and we are slacking a bit, and cool-hunting for awesome things to put on our shiny Pinterest boards. And what about these beauties!? Information is scant, but the pictures are rather gorgeousness. So if you know a tiny human with massive clod-hopping feet and a love of all things Nintendo, why not check out the latest additions to our boards.

nintendo vans

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GameHub Recommends: Lionhead The Inside Story

“Everyone got on,” Andy Robson, who ran Lionhead testing, recalls. “It was a great atmosphere. It was like a family.”

Got a long commute home and forgot your book? Why not save this phenomenal long-read about the rise and fall (and rise, and fall) of the iconic, some might argue flagship UK game studio, Lionhead. Founded by the divisive Peter Molyneux, the company produced critically acclaimed games in a distinctly British style, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Wesley Yin-Poole’s fascinating article at times makes for seriously uneasy reading, from the laddish work environment to the terrifying management style, yet also keeps a human face on the struggle to keep the company afloat and true to it’s values.

“…we were the first ever game that had gay marriage, we were about breaking down walls. It was meant to be funny and mature.”

Lionhead: The Inside Story, pulls no punches and cuts no corners as it dives into the history of the UK’s most famed studio, charting it’s journey, from inception to inglorious shuttering in April of this year. The piece will take up a good chunk of your time, but by gosh is it worth it.

“It was also one of the most creative studios UK game development has ever seen – for good and for bad.”

Click HERE or the image below to read:


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Fruit Ninjas!

It’s a lovely sunny day here at GameHub HQ, and I’m in the mood for a delicious bowl of fresh fruit to enjoy outside at the park during lunch break. As someone who normally subsists off a diet entirely of cheese and chocolate, this new-found health kick is an alarming one. What could possibly have prompted it? Well, possibly playing Fruit Ninja.

Fruit Ninja is a madcap mobile game about slashing up sweet, sweet produce. You can read all about it by following this link HERE. It’s very much a child-friendly game in content, and may inspire your kids to take a renewed interest in healthy eating. Or swords. Sometimes their minds work in strange ways, let’s be honest. Perhaps use this as an opportunity to remind your dearest ones about the importance of taking care around knives..?

For more Fruit Ninja themed entertainment, why not check out the videos below, carefully gathered from across the vastness of the internet and bought, with love and strawberries, to you:

Adam Savage Slices Airborne Fruit With a Sword in Slow Motion on ‘MythBusters’ Like in the Video Game ‘Fruit Ninja’

Real Life Fruit Ninja Chops Over 140 Lemons With a Sharp Knife in a Little Over a Minute

Two Real Life Fruit Ninjas Compete as They Slice Through Flying Fruits in Slow Motion

And a final reminder, if you want to learn more about Fruit Ninja and it’s suitability for your family, you can read all about it in our content report by clicking HERE or on the icon below. Happy slicing!

Fruit Ninja Free

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Facebooker Beware

The screenshot is for Banished, an entirely different game…

I’m not 100% what this is all about. It could be anything from a rather bizarre mistake, to false advertising, to an attempt to spread malware (a kind of virus) through the computer of the person clicking on it. Shining Rock make Banished, the game pictured, and we’ve got a GameHub report for it. War Ages Return of Kings is a free-to-play game created by a Chinese company called Shenzhen Leyi Network Co Lmtd…and there are quite a people leaving reviews complaining it looks nothing like the promo material!

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Live From Opto VR Launch!

Not content with a full week’s residency at our favourite event in the UK gaming event calendar, Norwich Games Festival, we are on the road once again! Or rather, in the rails! We’ve hopped on a train and zipped our way down to London this evening to attend the launch party of the brand new VR headset we’ve been talking about quite a bit recently, Opto! 

Children have cluttered bedrooms, designers have cluttered workshops! Look at all those prototypes!

First, a reminder about what VR actually is. For many people, VR is considered the newest forefront in entertainment. Vaguely termed “Virtual Reality,” what it means in more concrete and specific terms is a device you wear close to your face for an immediate and immersive experience. This works particularly well for games, and, excitingly, should open up the First Person Perspective genre to more activities than just primarily shooting. Imagine a game about being a medic in a World War, in First Person virtual reality, or flying an aeroplane or skiing down a mountain!

Designed in the UK, Opto is designed to work with any smartphone, so both Andoid devices and your iPhone running iOS! It’s made out of a light-weight foam, which has a number of useful advantages. Firstly, it’s light and easy to wear – no stiff neck syndrome anticipated here! It’s easy to clean and very portable – you can just stick it in your bag and take it with you, perhaps over to friend’s house to play or work on projects. The foam makes it durable enough to carry around, and also protects your mobile device if you get too exuberant and somehow fling it off your head! (Although the secure straps make that quite unlikely, it’s always reassuring when young children are around.) And finally, it has integrated headphones, making it ideal for gaming, with all the music and sound effects. Educational games could be a really amazing experience in VR – exploring the Amazon, being a gladiator fighting in the Colosseum or diving the Great Barrier Reef – history and geography lessons in particular will never be the same again!

Clever construction keeps it light and portable.
Opto launched on Kickstarter this evening – we were there when they pressed the big red launch button! To learn more about it, watch the product video or even purchase/donate, click the image below, or click HERE