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New Entries: Measure

Our second game for the month of January is Measure,  a word game helping young players to learn Mandarin Chinese grammar structures. All objects in Chinese are assigned a measure word for grouping, just link in English we have a flock of sheep or a ream of paper or a bunch of flowers. In Chinese, these grouping/measuring/classifing words are a key component of the grammar, and learners cannot get by on using the general purpose crutch word “ge” (个)forever! Measure helps player-learners to practice their recognition and use of these important words.

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New Entries: Mini Metro

Our final game of 2016 is Mini Metro. A lovely, minimalist puzzle game to get your brain cells fizzing, Mini Metro tasks the player with creating their own Underground system in various cities from around the world. Town planning has rarely been this fun! If you think this game could be a good fit for one of your children, or even someone else in the family, check out our guide by clicking the link below:


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New Entries: Rise of The Tomb Raider

Our next December game going live on is Rise of The Tomb Raider. The game follows the popular adventuring heroine on a journey into snowy Siberian mountains, searching for a religious relic her father, Lord Croft, once hunted for his own research. With equal focus on exploring, fighting and crafting, the game is likely to appeal to many different player archetypes, and is notably less visceral in its depictions of gore compared to the previous title in the series, Tomb Raider. The themes of religious and political fundamentalism shown through the narrative would make interesting topics for discussion and further learning. Click the icon below to read more about this game:

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New Entries: Bushido Bear

Our first the game for the month of December is Bushido Bear. We hope our parental content report for this fast-paced fighting game will help you understand whether its the right title for you and your family.

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New Entries: Open Bar

Open Bar is exactly the kind of game that shows a need for services like GameHub. Open Bar is  a cerebral and strategic puzzle game, created  by developers who had previously worked on titles in the Assassins Creed franchise. But it’s themed around bars and alcohol, which may well have put many players and parents off choosing it. Yet a close analysis of the content and gameplay reveals the boozy content is only skin-deep. This could well be a game that is suitable and entertaining for the young gamers in your family.

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New Entries: Marco Polo Ocean

It can sometimes be hard to find suitable titles for your youngest family members. Marco Polo Ocean, our third game for the month of November, is specifically designed for curious tots, and offers a fun, safe digital place to explore the seas either alone or with the help of a parent/elder sibling.

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New Entries: Twinkle

Our first game for the month of November is a Mandarin Chinese language learning game called Twinkle. Players tap on the twinkling words in order to form sentences and phrases. The game is simple, and perhaps a little rough around the edges, but is a straightforward and effective way for learners to drill their grammar and vocabulary.

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