GameHub Sessions

What Are GameHub Sessions?

What if you could download all the knowledge in the Advice Centre, and put it into a person? A person who would come to your school, church group, youth club or teacher training day and would run a fully interactive workshop based around any topic(s) you wanted, filled with practical ideas for you to take away?  Whether you are an audience of teachers, parents or young people, we will tailor our approach to ensure you get the maximum amount of fun, information and advice possible out of your session, with an open-house Q&A and an electronic goody-bag of papers included in every session.

We currently offer talks on:

  • Understanding Video-Games 101 – A Practical Talk For Parents And Guardians
  • Issues In Video-Game Culture – Problem Solving Workshop [HubBase Methodology]
  • Games For Learning – How To Use Games In The Classroom [Teachers Workshop]
  • “D.B.A.D!” – A Rowdy And Irreverent Introduction in “Netiquette” for Teenage Boys
  • Getting Into Gaming – Tools & Skills for aspiring young coders, writers, designers and musicians

Our talk and workshop catalogue is growing constantly, and we are always looking for suggestions. We are happy to tailor courses to your specific requirements. To book a GameHub Session, please use the Booking Form below. We will get back to you with your Sessions Catalogue.


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