Office Favourites

Our aim is to give parents, guardians and teachers straightforward, reliable, jargon-free information about video-games and video-games culture. GameHub is different to Games Journalism sites and publications, in that we don’t give out scores, stars or marks out of ten. We don’t tell you whether a game was good or bad, or whether we loved or loathed it. We don’t bore you with the plot, or baffle you with obscure technical details like the poly-count. We focus on providing reports on the game’s content, so you can asses if its right for your family. We are, first and foremost, an information and advisory service. Its not about us, its about what you and your family will enjoy and feel comfortable with.

That said, we love games and we like to talk about them (a lot.) Every so often, we come across a game we really love playing, and, like an amazing piece of music or a great joke, its reaaaaallly hard not to tell everyone you meet all about it! So, if you want to hear The Boss gushing about a game that really caught their attention,  we’ve corralled their gushings (and occasional ragings) in the new “Office Favourites” section of the blog.

Enthusiasm is infectious. Who knows, maybe you will be inspired to try out one of these games for yourself!


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