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New Entries: Measure

Our second game for the month of January is Measure,  a word game helping young players to learn Mandarin Chinese grammar structures. All objects in Chinese are assigned a measure word for grouping, just link in English we have a flock of sheep or a ream of paper or a bunch of flowers. In Chinese, these grouping/measuring/classifing words are a key component of the grammar, and learners cannot get by on using the general purpose crutch word “ge” (个)forever! Measure helps player-learners to practice their recognition and use of these important words.

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New Entries

New Entries: Word Match

Our final game for the month of October is a simple but effective revision game for Mandarin Chinese learners. Players match emoji picture images of words to their written Chinese partner, to aid with recognition and recall. Players can opt for Traditional or Simplified character words, depending on which version of the language they are familiar with.

New Entries

New Entries: Emojis

Learning Mandarin Chinese is an invaluable skill in the modern economy. With Brexit whispering on the wind, there are rumours in some quarters that the UK will enter into a closer diplomatic and economic relationship with The Middle Kingdom in coming months and years. Could is be then that Mandarin Chinese will replace French in school curriculums? Only time will tell.

Until then, check out this useful revision game. If your children are learning the language, games and apps are a great way to reinforce learning. Click the icon below to learn more about this game and it’s educational benefits: