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Fun & Educational Online Quiz Game From Haggard Hawks

Time for another quiz! We love quizzes. This devilishly difficult quiz from Haggard Hawks left us scratching our heads, but we learned a fair bit in the process. Hopefully you will do better than I did, which was so abominably that I’m too ashamed to post my score. Why not call the kids over to the screen and make it a family affair? The anagram question on days of the week would surely benefit from a combined team effort. And by the end of it, you will all be able to spell embarasement, embarassment , embarresment… um…

Click here for the quiz!

(For very young players, watch out for a rude word (sh*t) in question eight.)

Games Culture

Fun & Educational Online Quiz Game From Mental Floss

This free and fun quiz from Mental Floss kept us all entertained over the weekend. How many can you get right in the time limit? I…did not do astoundingly well. A run of American Sports questions proved hard to beat, but I was back onto a winner with planets, cheese and Spice Girls. Can you beat my score of 22? It probably won’t be that hard!

Try it out: