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New Entries: Measure

Our second game for the month of January is Measure,  a word game helping young players to learn Mandarin Chinese grammar structures. All objects in Chinese are assigned a measure word for grouping, just link in English we have a flock of sheep or a ream of paper or a bunch of flowers. In Chinese, these grouping/measuring/classifing words are a key component of the grammar, and learners cannot get by on using the general purpose crutch word “ge” (个)forever! Measure helps player-learners to practice their recognition and use of these important words.

Click the icon below to read our parental guidance report for this useful educational game:



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New Entries: Twinkle

Our first game for the month of November is a Mandarin Chinese language learning game called Twinkle. Players tap on the twinkling words in order to form sentences and phrases. The game is simple, and perhaps a little rough around the edges, but is a straightforward and effective way for learners to drill their grammar and vocabulary.

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New Entries: Emojis

Learning Mandarin Chinese is an invaluable skill in the modern economy. With Brexit whispering on the wind, there are rumours in some quarters that the UK will enter into a closer diplomatic and economic relationship with The Middle Kingdom in coming months and years. Could is be then that Mandarin Chinese will replace French in school curriculums? Only time will tell.

Until then, check out this useful revision game. If your children are learning the language, games and apps are a great way to reinforce learning. Click the icon below to learn more about this game and it’s educational benefits:


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New Entries: Bonza

Our final game for this month is puzzle word game Bonza. Billed as a new take on crosswords, it might well be the perfect game for the word nerd in your home. Though our report writer did not find it very challenging, players can make their own puzzles from scratch and the game has been endorsed by major figures in the crosswording world, so it might be just what you were looking for the stretch the brains of your brightest, dearest son or daughter!

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New Entries: The Half Life 3! – No, not really.

Ready for a triple whammy of games? That’s right, today we are going to put not one, not two, but three game reports live on the game day! Don’t worry, we haven’t gone mad, there is a reason. Today, if you read our Words Worth Knowing column, you’ll know we briefly explored one of gaming’s most intriguing on-going dramas, namely The Half Life 3 Question. So, to support your new knowledge, we thought we’d also release our reports for the relevant games, Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Episode One, and Half Life 2 Episode 2. Three Half Life games…Half Life 3?! Spooky.

Click the icon below to access the GameHub HQ report for our Half Life selection:

Half-Life-2-Icon halflife2ep2 HalfLife2Ep1

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New Entries: Piloteer

Our final game for the month of May is Piloteer! It’s often depressingly hard for us to find games with POC (Person of Colour) protagonist, so we were thrilled when Piloteer came across our radar! Fling your mad-scientist inventor around the screen as she tests out her new jet-pack designs…which may need some additional tinkering if our scores are anything to go by.

It’s great to find a game with a POC hero, for all the little boys and girls who don’t get to see someone who looks like them on the screen all that often. So check out our report to learn more, and if your children like the game let us know what you think in the comments box below!

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New Entries: Wee Trains

Do you have a little one with a love of trains! Choo-choo, do we have a game for you! Wee Trains is locomotive joy for younger players, and it’s our latest game for the month of May.  Click the icon below to access the GameHub HQ report.


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New Entries: Spider The Secret of Bryce Manor

We are looking back onto a classic today, with Spider The Secret of Bryce Manor. Like a good book or movie, a good game can feel timeless – fun doesn’t age, though graphics and certain gameplay conventions do.  Its sometimes worth your while to look up slightly older games for family entertainment, as there may be great discounts on offer, and you might discover something quirky and unusual!

Spider The Secret of Bryce Manor received critical acclaim upon it’s release , but is perplexingly hard to find in app store, perhaps due to it’s complicated name. Don’t get side-tracked with identikit Solitaire games, but preserve on for the real thing. And whilst you are at it, cast an eye over the sequel, Shrouded Moon.

Click the icon below to access the GameHub HQ report for Spider The Secret of Bryce Manor: