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New for 2016: Shareable GameHub Pins

GameHub has a Pinterest account. Did you forget? If you did, that’s a shame for you, because we have an entire board of picture of cute puppies you are missing out on.


Another thing you would be missing out on by not following our Pinterest boards is brand new. As of today, every single game added to GameHub will also be posted to a special Pinterest board in handy, shareable pin form. This is especially helpful if you have a gift planning board. Remembering exactly which game your son or daughter liked the look of can be a massive headache. At a glance, they really all do look the same!

Was it that one? Wait, no, maybe that one... CREDIT: VentureBeat
Was it that one? Wait, no, maybe that one…
CREDIT: VentureBeat

Just like on, we put the most commonly used box art/icon front and centre, so even if you can’t remember the name, (or the name is so stupidly long no normal person would remember it – Super Mario Bros. Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, anybody?) you can still look for it by it’s most identifable image. Big rectangles of Dudes With Explosions are not helpful, so we try to space it out and put a focus on the unique sections of the image you might remember better. We hope you find it useful.

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Check it out here!



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September has been jam-packed!

It’s been a super busy month so far here at GameHub HQ!

We’ve added five new games for the month of September:

  1. Does Not Commute
  2. Stacking
  3. World of Tanks Blitz
  4. Botanicula
  5. Quest

We’ve been pinning like crazy over on our Pinterest boards.

We’ve been nattering away on Twitter:

And we’ve been so pleased to see some of the positive responses to all of our hard work!

And the month isn’t over yet! There is still plenty more to come here at GameHub HQ, so to make sure you don’t miss a thing, why not sign up for our mailing list, add us to your Bloglovin’ or sign up to follow us via WordPress?


GameHub Goes Social

GameHub is now active on social media! We are tweeting news and announcements daily via @GameHub_HQ and have gone totally pin-crazy over on Pinterest; check out GameHubPins for some of the wonderful game and gadget images we have already discovered! Boards include Game Stuff We Love and Gadgets We Love, as well as our Never Stop Playing! fun board, for all the amazing things we find on the internet and just have to share. (Head’s up to crafty mums and dads, there are loads of great game themed crafting ideas in these.) There is also a board full of cute puppies, ‘cos The Boss likes puppies.

cute puppy