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New Entries: Tiny Wings HD

As promised, we are making January a Double Games Month. The first of our five bonus games is¬†Andreas Illiger’s Tiny Wings HD. This cheerful game of bouncing birdies can be played alone or with a friend and is accessible to all ages. It’s a great title to keep on your phone as “Emergency Entertainment” when Dearest Son/Daughter is in a rambunctious mood!

Click the link below for our official GameHub entry for Tiny Wings HD:

Tiny Wings HD
GameHub Concierge

GameHub Concierge: Nearly Nine And Ready To Play!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Which first, cake, or games?

A question was asked: ‘Which games would be good for a 9yo (girl) on the Playstation 3?’ via¬†Mumsnet

Here’s what we said:

GameHub: “Without knowing more about her personality, her personal likes & dislikes, it’s hard to make an accurate recommendation. However, in general, I would recommend LittleBigPlanet, a family-oriented exploration/puzzle game with lots of scope for creativity, voiced by everyone’s favourite Stephen Fry. The Sims franchise is almost universally popular amongst girls of this age – it’s a “life sim”, not unlike a virtual doll’s house, with scope for mischief! Additional content packs adding new clothes, objects or activities make great birthday or Christmas presents, especially the Pets pack, which adds puppies & kittens to the Sims household. It is age rated as a 12, however, due to the fact that you are playing with people, not blobs on a screen, so use your judgement as to whether it is suitable for her at this time. If she enjoying singing and dancing, there are a huge number of titles available, sometimes themed around a specific interest, eg: Disney Sing It: Pop Hits, which can be played with friends. If you are considering song & dance titles, please post a reply and I can advise you further, there are a lot of titles in this genre! Anything involving Mario or Sonic is also good bet. Finally, an excellent, more traditionally “game-y” game, ideal for a 9yo would be Mini Ninjas. You play as a small cute cartoon ninja, rescuing woodland animals from an evil curse. It’s fun, engaging and utterly adorable.

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