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New Entries: Spider The Secret of Bryce Manor

We are looking back onto a classic today, with Spider The Secret of Bryce Manor. Like a good book or movie, a good game can feel timeless – fun doesn’t age, though graphics and certain gameplay conventions do. ┬áIts sometimes worth your while to look up slightly older games for family entertainment, as there may be great discounts on offer, and you might discover something quirky and unusual!

Spider The Secret of Bryce Manor received critical acclaim upon it’s release , but is perplexingly hard to find in app store, perhaps due to it’s complicated name. Don’t get side-tracked with identikit Solitaire games, but preserve on for the real thing. And whilst you are at it, cast an eye over the sequel, Shrouded Moon.

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New Entries: Universe Sandbox

Another fantastic educational game is now live on GameHub HQ! If your dearest son or dearest daughter has astronaut fantasies, this is the report you need to read. Universe Sandbox is a simulation of space physics, where the player can make a detailed and realistic copy of the real solar system, or just smash planets together with reckless abandon. Thus the game fits a niche of being both education and a good way to relax after a stressful day at school!

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New Entries: Race The Sun

It’s 2016! And so it’s time for a brand new batch of games on GameHub HQ. Our very first game of the year is Race The Sun, a rather natty little space racer with a fun twist – the game map redraws itself every day. This gives the game a high degree of what we call “replayability.” Replayability – the likelihood of a game to retain its novelty value towards the player by allowing them new content, access to previously hidden content, or new ways to play – is sometimes used as an assessment of a game’s material worth by some players.

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