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GameHub Loves VideoBrains!

On Monday the 23rd of November, I’ll be doing a presentation at VideoBrains. VideoBrains is a monthly seminar session held in London that attracts games developers from all over the country to exchange experiences, ideas, concepts and practices in the games industry. It’s always a fun and mind-expanding event, where video-game theory, design thinking, philosophy and psychology all mixed in with a healthy sprinkle of raconteuring. I’ll be sticking close to my specialism, talking to developers about ways to better explain their game content to parents and families in an accessible, non-technical way – there may be some group chanting of “I solemnly swear not to talk about hit-boxes.”  So, if any parents out there with any level of interest in video-games want to see on the other side of the curtain as we do our “dev-side” work, please feel free to come along and experience VideoBrains, one of the capital’s premier forums for games culture.

Tickets can be purchased here, and you can find out more general information about VideoBrains by following this link here at

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Cringe and Learn with GameHub

We did a talk! Or rather, I did a talk! And it makes me cringe – A LOT!! I hate my voice, I hate the horrible sound of me making dumb little mistakes and pausing and umming and aahing and using the wrong word and rambling and generally breathing in and out.

BUT I’m going to get over myself and post it up here for you guys anyway, because there might be some stuff in there you might find useful and relent. And if nothing else, you can laugh at me panically trying to remember how to pluralise “ethos.”

We did this talk at GameCity, which, if you don’t know it, is a fantastic family-oriented video-games festival held annually in Nottingham. Independent developers come from all over the country, and from around the world, to demonstrate their games to the public, play-test, make friends, give talks and generally showcase games culture at its very finest. Its a joyous event and one I am always very pleased to take part in. We’ve been attending for a few years now, always in one guise or another. Last year, we did an interactive Questions Board, where parents, players, children and developers could all stick their queries and concerns to the board and get them answered in the talk at the end of the week. Following the link below will take you to the talk (and my awful, awful voice) where I picked out some of the most interesting and/or most popular questions to answer in front of the live audience.

The Questions Board, GameCity 9 Talk by GameHub

Enjoy the talk, and my terrible voice, and if you would like us to do a similar talk at this year’s GameCity (rapidly approaching!) drop us and tell us what kind of things you would like to see covered! Or, if you have a question you would like answered, drop us a line to GameHub Concierge and we will get back to you.


GameHub Goes Social

GameHub is now active on social media! We are tweeting news and announcements daily via @GameHub_HQ and have gone totally pin-crazy over on Pinterest; check out GameHubPins for some of the wonderful game and gadget images we have already discovered! Boards include Game Stuff We Love and Gadgets We Love, as well as our Never Stop Playing! fun board, for all the amazing things we find on the internet and just have to share. (Head’s up to crafty mums and dads, there are loads of great game themed crafting ideas in these.) There is also a board full of cute puppies, ‘cos The Boss likes puppies.

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